Forward looking. Microsoft has announced that future updates will bring new connectivity options for Windows 10, with the operating system set to get 5G and eSIM support. In due time, that is.

This, the software titan announced at the WinHEC conference in China.

These wireless connectivity options will extend the existing capabilities of PCs and both modern technologies will allow them to remain better connected to the Internet, as well as enjoy faster speeds on networks.

The first of these, eSIM, as the name suggests, is a new technology that does not require a physical SIM card. Instead, a built-in electronic module allows seamless connectivity and calling support. Redmond says that users will be able to subscribe to a data plan from the Windows Store.

Microsoft explains this as:

“In future Windows 10 updates, we will enable connectivity that is always within reach. We will help customers easily buy data directly from the Windows Store and put them in control of how they use Wi-Fi and cellular networks, consume data, and manage costs.

We will enable our partners to build always-connected devices without hindering form factor design. Specifically, partners can take advantage of eSIM technology to build devices without an exposed SIM slot, making it easier for people to activate a data plan right on their device.”

Sounds futuristic!

Same goes for 5G support, with Microsoft currently working with partners to build better cellular support in the operating system. Intel is playing an essential role here, as one of the main providers of modems for PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

With the Creators Update for Windows 10 due in spring, there is a solid chance that we will get to see these new capabilities in this version of the OS.

Redmond is not making any promises, but with the confirmation, the implementation is not far off.


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