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Error code 0xC004F034

Error code 0xC004F034

If you upgraded to Windows 10 using the Microsoft Windows 10 media creation tool, the process allows you to bypass the queue.

Many users reported that when trying to activate Windows 10 after the upgrade, they are getting an error code 0xC004F034 and no activation.

This is not an error related to eligibility to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or from Windows 8.x to Windows 10.

Error code 0xC004F034 is simply a response that the Microsoft servers are overloaded.

The solution to the error code 0xC004F034 problem is simple: one has to keep trying to activate Windows 10, and this can be achieved in a matter of seconds using a batch file script.

Here is the solution to activating Windows 10 after an error code 0xC004F034:

Log into Windows 10 with an account that has administrator rights.

Create a new text file and name it e.g. ActivateWindows10.txt

Paste the following text in the file:

@echo off:loopcscript /nologo slmgr.vbs /atoif errorlevel 0 goto endgoto loop:endecho Activation was successful. Press any key to close this window.pause>nulexit

Save the file with a .BAT (batch) extension, e.g. as ActivateWindows10.BAT

Click on the file to run the script.

The process should be instant, or might take a few seconds.

That’s it. Your Windows 10 should show that it is ‘Activated’.

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This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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