​Microsoft is pushing hard for everyone on Windows 10 to stick with Edge, and the company has even turned to what it calls “tips notifications” (or as others describe them, ads) to convince users to give it a try, but all these efforts don’t seem to pay off just yet.

Statistics provided by NetMarketShare for the month of November show that Microsoft Edge is very far behind all its rivals, and what’s worse, is even going in reverse when it comes to market share evolution.

At this point, Microsoft Edge has a market share of 5.21 percent, which makes it the fourth most-used browser across the world, but all its rivals are ahead, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For what it’s worth, Internet Explorer is doing a lot better, even though Microsoft no longer releases new features and improvements to the app.

Windows 10 availability

One of the reasons Edge is suffering from limited adoption is that it’s exclusively available in Windows 10, and Microsoft has no plans to release it on other platforms. At the same time, all its rivals, including Internet Explorer, can be used on all Windows versions, including Windows 7, which is currently the top choice for desktop users across the world.

But seeing Microsoft Edge dropping from 5.26 percent in October to 5.21 percent in November is certainly unexpected, especially because of the hard push we told you about above.

In the meantime, however, Google Chrome is doing a lot better and is now running on no less than 55.83 percent of the PCs across the world, and this means that more than 1 in 2 computers actually have Google Chrome up and running. Internet Explorer is now at 21.66 percent, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 11.91 percent.

The only browsers that are behind Microsoft Edge are Safari with 3.61 percent and Opera with 1.36 percent. All the others fall in the “Others” category that Microsoft is not interested in competing against.


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