Have you ever opened up the Windows 10 Mobile Outlook calendar app and have it close on you 10 seconds later… and no matter how many times you open the app, it just keeps closing down on you?

This might also happen when you open the Windows 10 Outlook Mail app as well.  (I believe this actually applies to both Windows 10 Desktop & Windows 10 Mobile.)

CAUSE: Do you have an Office 365 email account?  This might apply to Exchange (on-prem) account users as well but I had this problem and near as I can tell, something in my local Outlook database for the Office 365 account got corrupted on my Windows 10 Mobile phone.

I’ve read stories about this having to do with some sort of malformed HTML in an Calendar or Email object that it was reading/processing and the result was an errorless crash of the respective app.

SOLUTION: The solution is simple. 

  • Go to you Account settings in your phone, find the Exchange/Office 365 account that exists for your device, and DELETE IT.  This won’t delete any content on your account in the cloud of course – just the local copy on your phon.
  • Shutdown/Reboot your phone – this is normally done by holding down the Power button and the Volume Up button simultaneously for a few seconds.  Power it back on.
  • Run the Calendar/Email app.  At this point, your calendar should be clear of any calendar items from your Office 365/Exchange account.  More importantly, the app should stop “dying” or “crashing” on you every 10 seconds and you should be able to use it, just as you would normally.
  • Re-add your Office 365/Exchange account, and do a sync from the Mail app, which will resync your email, contacts, and calendar.  This process may take a long while.
  • If all went right, you should be able to open your calendar and email without it crashing on you while you’re using it.


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