If after installing Cumulative Update KB3201845 on Windows 10, you cannot connect to the Internet, or are facing other issues then this post offers some insights on how to fix the issues. Although KB3201845 is expected to fix several bugs and improve performance, it is causing several problems. Some of the problems being mentioned by users after installing this update are:

Microsoft has gone on record to state that several users have been facing problems connecting to the Internet after installing Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3201845. It has acknowledged the complaints of users and as a troubleshooting step has suggested them to resort to the old practice of restarting their PCs. Alternatively, it has advised to try and fix network connection issues.

Most users, when they visited Windows 10  Update History page, found the following banner displayed.

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the internet we recommend you restart your PC by going to Start, clicking the Power button, then choosing Restart (not Shut down).

Well, if you are facing this issue, the following troubleshooting steps listed might help you fix the problem.

Cannot access Internet after installing Windows 10 Update KB3201845

1] Restart PC

Try restarting your PC and check if this fixes your connection problem. For this, click on the ‘Start’ button, chose ‘Power’ option and then, select ‘Restart’.

2] Run the Network Troubleshooter Followed by Networking Commands

The Network Troubleshooter is an essential tool for every network administrator. It can be used to troubleshoot a variety of different network conditions. You can help diagnose and fix common connection problems. To run the Network troubleshooter, type Network troubleshooter in the search box on the taskbar and then select Identify and repair network problems from the list of results. Then, follow the steps in the troubleshooter and see if that fixes the problem.


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