Thought to share findings that came across on fixing the below issue. May be it can help someone while working in docker with Windows 10.

 Issue: Unable to create docker container on Windows 10 Version 1607

Error response from daemon container..encountered an error during start

Workaround: docker run -it –rm –net=none microsoft/nanoserver cmd

 Finding & Cause:

Gather the network trace using command – netsh trace start globallevel=7 provider=Microsoft-Windows-Host-Network-Service  report=di on viewing the logs we found the message “HNS failed to create vmswitch port with error ‘0x80070003’, switch id = ‘c502a850-2f21-4d55-9879-14cc66f69193’, port id = ‘e2e3b5ba-1de9-4650-a0e0-50276c0e2cb8’ and type = ‘Value_3′” 

Checked the VMSwitch found the NAT switch is missing  ( Normally deleting and re-creating vmswitch based upon Hyperv VM’s requirement as it’s in Lab)


Checked the Container network and found the NAT network is in second order


Solution: Follow the below steps that will help you to get rid of the error

Get-containernetwork | Remove-Containernetwork -force

Restart-service hns

Restart-service docker




And finally created the container it worked successfully

Lesson Learnt: Whenever you play on VMSwitch with the Hyper-V it will also impact over the docker J


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