We talked about Windows 10 build 14986 being deployed a couple of days ago.

There are reports on social media and Microsoft forums that user are seeing their download gets stuck on 0% for several hours.

Some users are also seeing errors with the code 80240031.

On Microsoft’s forums, they are asking users to provide more information as to why the error is occurring.

Some of the questions:

  • Which language/country version are you using? (Example: EN-US for English/United States)
  • Which edition of Windows 10 do you have installed? Home/Pro/Enterprise
  • Is your machine x86 or x64?
  • If you restart your computer, does it display the same error again?
  • If you’re a Windows Insider being affected by the problem, let us know.

    Is this issue affecting your install?

    Please use the comments below..


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