Whenever a new installation of Windows 10 is completed that device is given a unique computer name that looks something like WIN-XXXXXXXXXXXX with those X’s representing a random sequence of numbers and letters.

While this is certainly a unique name, it can prove confusing when you head into your Microsoft Account to perform any specific device related actions because there is no rhyme or reason behind the randomly created name. The same thing can happen if you have a home network with more than one device – imagine trying to sort through those cryptic names.

So to help eliminate this confusion it is very easy to rename any Windows 10 device so that each one you have has a unique and descriptive name that helps you understand exactly which device you are trying to use or manage.

I am going to show you how to change a Windows 10 device name in the Windows Settings app but, just like many tasks in Windows, there is more than one way to accomplish this task including the System applet in the legacy Control Panel.

To get started open the Windows Settings app and select System and then the About option at the bottom of the left hand menu sidebar.

Windows 10 Rename Device

Next select the Rename PC button near the top of the About page.

Windows 10 Rename Device

In the subsequent dialog enter the descriptive name of this device. Keep in mind that you can not use certain characters in your device name:

Computer Name Changes Not Allowed Characters

Once you have your device properly named click on the Next button.

Windows 10 Rename Device

You will need to restart your system, either now or later, to finalize the device name change.

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