Your computer stuck on Windows 10 14361 update? Or did you receive a Windows 10 14361 update error message which said that Windows 10 fail to install 14361 build?How to fix such the Windows 10 14361 update error or computer update stuck on Windows 10 14361 problem? Relax! Effective methods are ready here in this article to help you out of Windows 10 14361 update failure issue now. 

Windows 10 14361 update problems

“Unable to install Windows 10 14361 in my computer. The system kept telling me an error have occurred that the computer failed to install Windows 10 14361 build. How to solve this problem?”

“My computer fails to update Windows 10 to 14361 build and it stuck on Windows 10 14361 update. It’s almost finished, but the computer simply stuck on 99%. I restarted computer, tried again, but still got stuck. Help.”

“It seriously affected my life that Windows 10 14361 failed to install in my computer. I was planning to modifying a search paper in my computer when the 14361 update message popped up. I clicked update now, but I didn’t get the new system. It told me that an unknown error had occurred. Is it possible to find a way or method to fix the error and install Windows 10 14361 build in my computer?”

If you are facing similar Windows 10 14361 update problems in your computer, don’t bother anymore. Follow below tips and find effective solution to fix Windows 10 14361 update failure issue now. 

Tip 1. Backup Windows 10 data and system backup image before 14361 update

You are highly recommended to create Windows backup images for important data and Windows system in your computer, which will greatly help you when you fail to install new Windows 10 14361 build in your PC and avoid data loss issue.

EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to free create Windows system image and data backups without any payments within 30 days. When unexpected system problems happen to your computer, you can even revert Windows to the previous version by restoring system backup image with EaseUS Todo Backup. Follow below 3 steps to create system and data backups now:

1. Free download and install EaseUS Todo Backup in PC. Connect an external storage device with PC.2. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click “File Backup” “Disk/partition  Backup” or “System Backup”.3. Choose data and specify backup destination, click Proceed to start backup data.

Tip 2. Create WinPE disk to fix Windows 14361 stuck or update failure issue

WinPE bootable disk allows users to solve system failure or unexpected update problem when Windows 14361 build fails to install in PC or Windows 10 14361 build fails to update. It will help you to reboot computer in a healthy state when your computer gets stuck on Windows 14361 update.  EaseUS Todo Backup will help you to simply create a WinPE bootable disk with simple clicks and fix Windows 10 14361 update stuck issue with ease:

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Tool, choose Create Emergency Disk.

Create bootable disk to fix Windows 10 14361 update failure issue.

2. Click Create WinPE emergency disk and select the disk location.Then click Proceed. 

Fix Windows 10 14361 fails to install issue.

Don’t create the WinPE disk in the system disk and be patient while creating WinPE disk. When your computer get stuck while updating to Windows 10 14361, reboot computer and choose to boot from EaseUS Todo Backup, then you’ll be able to boot computer from the WinPE disk without any problems.

Tip 3. Extend system disk and troubleshoot Windows 10 14361 update error 

Sometimes, Windows system fails to install or boot problems are mostly caused by low system space. Therefore, to extend system disk partition will greatly help solve the Windows 10 update failure problem. Please be sure that your computer has enough space in the system partition to load and install new Windows 10 installation files and boot computer.

Windows Troubleshoot tool may also help you deal with Windows 10 system update stuck or failure problem.

Method 1. Reboot Windows and Run Troubleshooting > View all > run Windows Update as administrator. Let it fix errors it finds.Method 2. Go to Settings/Update > Advanced options > uncheck Give me updates for other MS products > Choose how updates are delivered > turn off Updates from more than one place.

Method 3. Run msconfig >Selective Startup > uncheck Load startup items > Services tab > check Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all > OK.

Method 4. Reboot, and try to update again.  

If it successfully installs, or if you decide to give up for a while, remember to run msconfig again, and set it back to Normal Startup with your other services. Otherwise, you may miss some important antivirus or other services.

Tip 4. Rollback to previous version when Windows 10 14361 update fails

Reverting back to previous Windows system is also a solution to solve Windows 10 14361 update stuck issue. You may follow below steps to rollback to previous version:

1. Restart computer twice or three times till the advanced option shows up. 2. Choose to rollback to previous version. 


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