Upgrading from a regular Windows OS version to a Pro version can sometimes be quite tricky. Although the upgrade process itself it straightforward, there are various errors that could occurs when users want to switch to Windows 10 Pro.

One of the most frequent errors is activation error 0xc004f014 that occurs when users enter the Pro key they received to complete the upgrade process.

Error 0xc004f014 prevents users from upgrading to Windows 10 Pro

[…] I upgraded to Win10 Home Premium. I called support because I wanted to upgrade to Win 10 Pro. […] I went to Settings > upgrade, entered the 10 pro key and the upgrade failed. I called support and they pointed me to the win 10 install disk that was supposed to “automatically” install pro because I had the pro key. It didn’t. As everyone else experienced, all I got was 10 home. […]

Then I used the default key, given above, and it worked! I got 10 pro! Finally! The I tried to activate it with the pro key usoft gave me. It failed with a error 0xc004f014.

How to fix activation error 0xc004f014

1. Create a text file on your desktop with the generic registration key for Windows 10 Pro, namely VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T, and your new Windows 10 Pro registration key.

2. Disable all network devices on your computer. Right click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen > select “Network Connections” > right click on your Ethernet connection > select “Disable”. Repeat this process for your wireless connections.

3. Reboot your computer.

4. Open the text file from step 1 > select the generic registration key > press “CTRL-C”

5. Right click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen > select “System” from the menu.

6. Once the system window opens, down at the bottom right, click on “Change Product Key”

7. Paste the generic registration key that you copied in step 4.

8. Click on the “Start Upgrade” button in the lower right corner > wait for the upgrade process to complete. Your computer will reboot several times during the process.

9. Log back into your computer > repeat step 5. This time,  your “Windows Edition” should be “Windows 10 Pro”.

10.  Open the text file from step 1 > select your new Windows 10 Pro registration Key > copy it to the clipboard like you did in step 4.

11. Re-enable your Ethernet/ wireless network connections.

12. Repeat step 6. This time you should get a window with two buttons, one that says “Change Product Key” and the other says “Activate”. Click on the “Change Product Key” button.

13. Paste your new Windows 10 Pro registration Key into the textbox > click “Next”.

14. After a minute or two, a message will appear informing you that your copy of Windows 10 Pro is a legitimate copy.


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