Error code 0xe06d7363 is a very common problem for windows users. Normally, It appears as critical error, exception error etc. during opening, using or installing any software related to microsoft. It may also show you any messages like “Out of memory”, “Critical Error Occurred” etc.  In most cases, When people try to open or install microsoft office, Then they may encounter this problem. But, Don’t worry. It is really so easy to fix error 0xe06d7363.

error 0xe06d7363 screenshot

Normally, This error 0xe06d7363 occurs in windows 10, 8 and 7 more. But, Any older version users may also encounter it. This error also occurs during using outlook desktop app. It totally prevents outlook from syncing, receiving or sending any messages. Your system may become slower, it may periodically freeze and sometimes may show you blue screen error. Anyway, In this article i’ll try to give you best solutions to resolve this issue.

There are several methods that we can try. Here, I’m describing them one by one.

Check Internet Connection:

Most of the time, This problem appears when people try to install Microsoft Office, Visual Studio or any software using online installer. In most cases, Poor internet connection is responsible for this. So, You can first check your internet connection status. Check your ping with any remote server. Also try changing your DNS addresses and see if helps to “fix error 0xe06d7363”.

Disable Security Programs:

This is another useful solution. You can disable windows firewall, any third-party firewall, antivirus programs for a few moments. Then, Try to run or install your desired programs or try to sync outlook messages and see if you still encounter problem.

Check in Clean Boot Mode:

Here, I’ve explained how to perform clean boot. It disables all third-party programs and services and let you use your PC in a clean environment. You should check if you still encounter that error in clean boot or not. If you see you are not facing that problem, You should be sure there is any of your third-party programs which is responsible for this error. You can find it and uninstall or disable it. If you see that you still experience that error, You should take other steps to resolve error 0xe06d7363.

Normally, These methods will fix your problem. These are common solutions. Here are some exceptional methods that should fix error 0xe06d7363.

Repair Microsoft Office:

In most cases, You will face this error for office software. So, At first, You can try to repair it and see if it fixes error 0xe06d7363. To do it, Let’s follow these steps.

  • At first, Right click on start button (For Windows 10, 8.1 and 8) and choose Programs & Features. Windows 7 users can can navigate to Control PanelProgramsPrograms and Features.
  • Now, Find and right click on Microsoft Office. Then choose Change.
  • Then, You will see two options, Quick Repair and Online Repair. Choose whatever you want and then click on Repair. You can try both. Any of these two should work.
  • Re-Install Office to Fix Error 0xe06d7363:

    Sometimes, Repair may not go through right way. Then, You can reinstall office. To do it –

  • Just uninstall office normally.
  • Download this tool and run it to completely remove office from your PC.
  • Now, Install office from a fresh installer and see if it fixes error 0xe06d7363.
  • Run Microsoft Safety Scanner:

    Microsoft has an amazing tool to remove known virus, malware, spyware etc. According to some peoples, This tool can help you to fix error 0xe06d7363 by removing viruses from your PC. You can simply download Microsoft Safety Scanner and run it in your PC.

    Additional Methods:

  • You can fix registry errors by any trusted third-party program.
  • If you encounter this problem during installing office, You can do it in safe mode with networking. Sometimes it works great.
  • Online installers are more likely to give this error. So, You can try downloading office or any software offline installation file and install it without getting exception error code 0xe06d7363.
  • Try running sfc /scannow command as administrator and see if it helps.
  • If you fail to get rid of this crap by following all methods, You can try system restore which may sometimes work.
  • The methods, I’ve explained in this article i found best to fix windows error code Error 0xe06d7363. If you still experience this problem, You can ask for help in microsoft support forum. In case, You have a good working solution, You can share it by comment.


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