Calculating is a common action when your work with your computer. In the Windows 10 operating system, you can use the search toolbar in the Start menu or in the Taskbar like a calculator to perform some basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, unit conversion …

So what can we do to use the Start Menu as Calculator In Windows 10?

Using the Start Menu as Calculator In Windows 10

To perform the calculations normally, you just have to type them into the search box in the Start Menu or in the Taskbar then you will see the results immediately. 

Using the Start Menu as Calculator In Windows 10

The feature is useful for basic calculations without using the Calculator app, which means you save a few steps when doing calculations. Another interesting feature of which is suppose when you type 10 + 5 in the search box or any other calculation, Windows 10 will automatically display the results that you do not need to press the equal sign (=) or Enter on your keyboard to see the results.

Using the Start Menu as Calculator In Windows 10

On the operation, this feature will result in calculated immediately without delay. You can also search for data or change the quantities quickly by sending data to the Bing search tool and display results in the search box. This feature only works when searching on web is enabled, which means that your computer must be connected to the internet. 

Using the Start Menu as Calculator In Windows 10
Unit conversion

As you can see there are many new features in Windows 10. They are small but very convenient to make your computer easier to be manipulated with. All you should do is just to discover and learn how to use them! Finally, we are glad if you find this article helpful for you. If you have any comments, questions, or anything that you want to share with others, please leave your comments to the box below. We are happy to see your feedback. Thank you!

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