Windows 10 operating system can run on PCs, laptops, notepads, and even mobile phones. However, to each device, the operating system possesses a specific font size and it’s not so perfect every time.
Fortunately, you can adjust the size of the screen content and you can use it to suit your preference.

If you feel the displayed font size in the Windows 10 operating system is too small or does not match the screen of the device you’re using, you can customize the font size for the best fit. Let’s follow our article to learn how to perform it by some quick steps!

How to change the font size in Windows 10?
Firstly, type “Display Settings” into the search box -> From the results, click on “Display Settings”.

change the font size in Windows 10
Display Settings

Next, in the “System” window, at the “Display” tab in the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” property, move the slider within the range from 100% to 175%.

change the font size in Windows 10
Move the slider

After choosing the suitable font size -> click on Apply to perform the change.

change the font size in Windows 10
Click on Apply

Now, you will be displayed a notification which notices that you have to log out your account for Windows to upload the fonts to change the size and the icons. Click on “Sign out now” to do this.

change the font size in Windows 10
Click on “Sign out now” 

To check the result, you just have to log in your Microsoft account, if you still do not satisfy with the font size, redo the above steps to change it again. It is as easy as pie to have a appropriate font in order to make it more comfortable when you look at your screen.
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