OneDrive has become an important part of teach giant Microsoft’s platform. OneDrive is alo a great feature in the company’s newest operating system Windows 10. It lets you share files and folders securely and easily with your friends without signing up for a new account or installing any special applications.

Following are the very simple steps to help you share a file or folder from in Windows 10. Let’s check out now!

Step 1: In File Explorer, open OneDrive and locate the file/folder you want to share

Step 2: Right-click the file/folder and choose More OneDrive sharing options. Now, OneDrive will be opened to the sharing options of the particular shared folder

It’s very convenient to share a file/folder from OneDrive in Windows 10.

Step 3: On the left pane, you will see the Invite people option. In the “To” box on the right-hand side, you input email addresses or contact names to invite recipients to access the shared folder and its content. You add a note to as well.

Step 4: Change the permission level by clicking the Recipients can only view link.

– Recipients can only view: Recipients can view, download or copy the folder you share.
– Recipients can edit: Recipients can edit office documents using Office Online without signing in
– Recipients need to sign in with a Microsoft account: Recipients need to sign in with a Microsoft account to access the folder
– Recipients don’t need a Microsoft account: Recipients don’t need sign in with a Microsoft account to access the folder
Step 5: Click the Share button

Alternatively, you create a folder in the root directory, right-click it and choose Share a OneDrive link to share files.

In Windows 10, you can right-click folder you create and choose Share a OneDrive link to share it.

If you have any problems in sharing a file or folder from OneDrive in Windows 10, please feel free to give comments below so that we can help you.


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