Windows 10 OS requires a quite low configuration at the present time. Most laptops now are eligible to upgrade to Windows 10. However, to enjoy all the available features on Windows 10, these laptops below will help you do that.

In fact, there are millions of devices already upgraded to Windows 10 and most of them do not own a touch screen or high resolution. However, many argued that not all the laptop bring the best feelings of experiencing on Windows 10, as well as exploit fully the feature of this operation system.

Technology experts have pointed out the best laptop for Windows 10 at the current time. Of course, these devices are listed for reference, and uses who own a laptop since 2012 also can use Windows 10. Let’s check the list!

Kirabook of Toshiba always owns slim design, light, comes with the great quality. The version in 2015 is equipped with a very powerful configuration includes Intel Core i7 Hasswell, 8GB of RAM and an ultra-high resolution screen (2560×1440 pixels). Besides this, this device also supports touch capabilities, absolutely suitable for experiencing Windows 10.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
Toshiba Kirabook
2. LENOVO YOGA 3 (2015)
Yoga Version 3 (2015) was enhanced by Lenovo allows users to rotate, flip the screen 360 degrees to become a true tablet. With tablet mode on Windows 10, the Lenovo Yoga 3 will bring best moments of experience on Windows 10, extremely interesting.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
Lenovo Yoga 3
The minion of Microsoft of course will be evaluated as the most appropriate equipment to use Windows 10 at present. Almost the preview of this operation system is tested and fixed errors on this tablet. Therefore, everything will be perfect if you have for yourself a Surface Pro 3.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

4. DELL XPS 13 (2015)
Dell XPS 13 is the laptop that there are most people craves for. The product from Dell owns 13.3 inches screen with super thin border comes with perfect resolution (3200×1800 pixels). This device is even good enough for Microsoft to use it for demonstrating and displaying Windows 10 worldwide.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
Dell XPS 13

The laptops which have limited configuration still can use Windows 10 with a new Edge browser and a lot of applications on HP Stream Store are really worthy at the cheap segment. Besides this, youthful, modern design of HP Stream 11 will bring a relatively good choice at the current time.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
HP Stream 11

Disadvantaged more than brothers, but Surface 3 is still one of the devices that support Windows 10 the most. The device will be an attractive option for those who do not have too high requirements in terms of performance, and interested in fashionable, modern look.

Which Laptop is most appropriate for Windows 10
Microsoft Surface 3

In conclusion, there are several choices for users who wondering about a device to perform all the features in Windows 10 in the best way. Hope that this article will help you as a reference! If we have any questions, leave your comments below. Thank you!


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