Command Prompt is an important part of Windows 10 operation system, it can be seen that Command Prompt has not been significantly changed through many versions of Windows.

However, the Command Prompt has finally been updated in Windows 10 with a small number of useful features with the ability to perform copying by using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Moreover, the Command Prompt window can be extended up to the screen when necessary. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Command Prompt can be customized to be transparent, without the help from the third party.

make Command Prompt transparent in Windows 10
Transparent Command Prompt   

It’s really a useful feature when you want to execute commands from a Web page or Word document on a computer without copy and paste them. By making Command Prompt window transparent, you can see the commands as well as instructions on the website or document without the need of scrolling to select the site or document. As you know, in previous versions of Windows, you have to use the tools from the third party to make a transparent Command Prompt. But with Windows 10, you do not have to do that. Let’s learn how to make it in this article!

First, you have to open the Command Prompt window. There are two ways to open it, the first way is typing cmd into the search box in the Start menu or taskbar and the second one is opening the Run box by pressing “Windows + R , then type cmd and press Enter. 

make Command Prompt transparent in Windows 10
Run the Command Prompt window

After opening the Command Prompt, you Right-click on the title bar, and then click “Properties” to open the Properties box.

make Command Prompt transparent in Windows 10
Open the Properties box

Click to select the tab color You can see the Opacity; it is 100% by default.

make Command Prompt transparent in Windows 10
Move to the tab color

To make the Command Prompt transparent move the slider to the left of the screen for about 30 %.

make Command Prompt transparent in Windows 10
 Click OK to save the settings

After the customization is completed, click OK to save the settings and now you have made the Command Prompt transparent successfully.


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