Windows 10 brings a lot of new features to desktops PCs such as holograms, virtual desktops, Cortana, the Action Center, the Start Menu’s return, Continuum and the New Photo app. However, the operating system also brings some pretty sweet new features to your smartphone, including new calendar with Metro inspired looks, new music app, wallpapers, or dictation for messages.

Following are 5 best Windows 10 features for phones. Let’s check out now!

1. Microsoft Edge (previously codenamed Project Spartan)

Microsoft’s new web browser Edge offers a number of tools and promises to boost performance compared to its predecessor Internet Explorer. For example, Microsoft Edge has a new rendering engine and built-in support for PDF files. The we browser can also take the content in your reading list on Spartan and save it offline.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser of Windows 10.

2. Action Center

Action Center is a new feature of Windows 10 that appears at the press of an icon in the taskbar. It combines all of your notifications into one area and lets you access various settings quickly.

3. New Photos App

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 rights lots of Windows 8’s wrongs, and the Photos app is one noteworthy example. As one of the highlighted features, the new Photo app image correction and enhancement and organization capabilities. It automatically displays pictures from across your phone via auto syncing OneDrive service.

4. Universal apps

Universal Apps automatically adapts to work on any Windows 10-powered device despite their size. Office apps such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel are available on Windows 10 for phones, complete with touch-friendly controls and the ability to quickly bounce documents from your mobile device to your computer.

Universal apps is a standout feature of Windows 10.

5. Cleaner user interface

Windows 10 Mobile does not look identical to the PC version as there are a few changes. The Start Screen has background images dropping behind Live Tiles now and you can see recently used apps by swiping the screen.


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