Cortana is a core new feature or maybe the best feature of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 10. It is the intelligent personal assistant that make the software stand out among all its predecessor versions. It is designed to provide you with a unified way to connect to your e-mail, calendar and more. The feature can do a lot of things, from reminding you about your upcoming events to setting alarms. Besides, it can help you book appointments, play music on your computer as well as keep track of your meetings. Moreover, you can interact with digital assistant Cortana by typing a message or using the spoken word at any time.  

However, those are not all the things that Cortana can do. You can use the voice-based virtual assistant on Android and do really useful things despite the fact that it hasn’t yet been launched for the platform officially.  

If you want Windows 10’s cool feature Cortana to let you control your phone, you can follow the five steps below. It’s very simple and easy to do although it may take you some minutes.

Now you can use Windows 10’s new feature Cortana to control your Android phone before the digital assistant officially makes its way to the platform.
Step 1: Install the Tasker and the plugins AutoVoice and AutoRemote from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: Install the AutoRemote extension for Chrome browser on your computer

Step 3: Add your phone under Options and enable Cortana commands while you are there.

Step 4: Download Tasker to your phone and import this profile and then locate it

Step 5: Set Google Chrome as your default browser on your Windows 10 PC

That’s it. Now you can control practically your phone using Windows 10’s new feature Cortana  directly thanks to its features or through your Android smartphone. Hope this works for you. If you have any problems, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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