Microsoft’s last operating system Windows 10 comes with a lot of cool new features. Following are some tips and tricks that help you master this newest software. Let’s check out now!

There’s a ton of new features in Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 10 that are worth exploring.

1. Write on the web

Windows 10’s new browser Microsoft Edge is quick and clean. It also comes with a lot of new features but annotating webpages may be the coolest feature among them. It gievs you the ability to write on or mark up the web pages from directly within the browser. To start inking, you click on the Make a Web Note icon in the upper right corner of the browser window. Now you can start scribbling away or highlighting away.

2. Download maps for offline use

If you have to travel around a lot, it’s great that Windows 10 lets you download maps for offline use. The Map app especially works effectively when you don’t have an Internet connection. This tips is useful on not only smartphones and tablets but also laptops. To save maps to your device, you launch the Settings app, select the System option and then choose Offline maps. Under the Maps section, you click on Download maps option and choose which maps to download. Now you have complete access to these maps even when you can’t get online.

3. Create a folder without any icon

This trick lets you display a folder without any icon in Windows 10. To do this, you right-click on the desktop, create a new folder and name it. Then you have to rigght-click on the named folder, choose Properties and tap on the Customize tab. Under Folder icons, you click on the Change icon button. When a new box open, you browse to a blank icon and choose it. Finally, you click OK and then Apply. That’s it.

4. Create multiple desktops

To set up multiple desktops on Windows 10, you click on the Task View button or you can press Windows Key+Tab. Now you will see a button labeled “+ New desktop” in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You just click this button to create as many new desktops as you want.

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