The issue that your computer is stuck in black screen after Windows 10 update is caused by many reasons. In fact, this is not a unique error in Microsoft’s newest operating system. You can encounter this problem when updating to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  

Following are three quick and effective ways to fix the black screen issue after updating on Windows 10. Let’s check out now!

Many users encounter the black screen after Windows 10 update.
1. Enter Safe Mode

Safe Mode can help you solve the black screen issue on Windows 10. Let’s have a try by following 4 steps below:
Step 1: Boot computer in Safe Mode With Networking. To do that, you click the Start button and then the Power button. Then you hold down the Shift key as you choose Restart. From the resulting menu, you choose Troubleshoot and then Advanced options and then Startup Settings. Now you choose Restart from the Startup Settings screen. After the computer reboots, you choose the Enable Safe Mode with Networking option by using the arrow keys.
Step 2: Press Windows key + C and then choose Settings and Change PC settings
Step 3: Choose Update and recovery and Windows Update and then View details and Check for updates
Step 4: Under Optional, install the updates

2. Restore to the Earlier Drivers

Restoring to the Earlier Drivers is another tip that can help you fix the black screen issue on Windows 10. To go back to the previous drivers, you should follow 4 steps below:
Step 1: Go to the Device Manager and then expand Display Adapters
Step 2: Right-click on the Display Adapter and choose Properties
Step 3: Select the Driver tab
Step 4: Click Roll Back Driver

3. Take Out of the Battery

If  you use a laptop, there is another way for: take out of the battery. Remember to unplug your machine before doing it. Wait for a little while. Then put the battery back in the PC, plug it and restart your device. Some Windows 10 users found this way helped. Hope it also works for you!

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