Some Windows 10 users have reported that Bluetooth does not work in Windows 10. 
Bluetooth is quite handy in the transmission, connection and pairing different devices, helping to share songs or photos on the devices. That is why you need to fix Bluetooth when it does not work in Windows 10. There may be many causes of this problem, but you can fix it very easily with these solutions.
However, to correct this issue, you must activate Bluetooth in Windows 10 first, because probably it is the cause. Let’s learn how enable it and fix the problem!

 Bluetooth  in Windows 10 does not work solving
Bluetooth is useful, but i can catch some problems in Windows 10

Solution 1: How to activate Bluetooth in Windows 10 right?

Firstly, you have to enable Bluetooth on your phone Windows 10 (if you want to connect your phone to a computer) by pressing and holding the button until it enters pairing mode. You will see a blinking light or another signal depends on your device.
Now go to Settings in Windows 10. You can open the settings by going to the Start Menu or press the keyboard shortcut Windows + I. In the Settings –> Click Devices -> Bluetooth. Now turn on Bluetooth by switching to the “ON”> Select the device you want to connect and click “Pair”.

 Bluetooth  in Windows 10 does not work solving

Then your devices will be connected, or you can do the following steps. Press Windows + A to open the Action Center, a menu of shortcuts appear> Click Connect

 Bluetooth  in Windows 10 does not work solving
Click Connect in Action Center

All equipment will be displayed, then click to choose the device that you want to connect.

 Bluetooth  in Windows 10 does not work solving
Choose the device you need to connect.

And that is how to connect Bluetooth devices in Windows 10. However, there are some problem occurs although you have installed Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Solution 2: General Bluetooth problem in Windows 10 , check drivers.

The first step is to check whether the Bluetooth drive is installed properly or not. To do that, go to the Device Manager in your computer by right-click on “Computer” or the search bar in theStart Menu.

 Bluetooth  in Windows 10 does not work solving
 Check the Device Manager

If you see a Bluetooth device has been activated, but things do not work, simply right-click on “Uninstall”. Then right-click the Bluetooth device again and install. It will identify and update drivers again from your computer or from the Internet.

Now the problems can be solved. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving your comments in the box below. We are glad to see your feedback! Thank you!

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