You have upgraded your computer to Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 10 and we’re sure that you are likely eager to try out to see what is new in it. If you don’t know where to start, following are 4 things you can do after upgrading your computer to Windows 10. Let’s check out now.

1. Personalise the appearance of Windows 10

With Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 10, you can customize most aspects of its appearance. To do this, you firstly right-click the mouse and choose Personalize from the menu. Then a window appears with options for the Background, Colors, Lock screen, Themes and the Start menu. Now you can get Windows 10 to look the way you want.

2. Turn on System Protection in Windows 10

In Windows 10, System Protection, which was formerly System Restore, is turned off by default. However, you can turn it on. To do it, firstly, you have to open an Explorer window, right-click This PC and select Properties. After the window opens, you choose System Protection and then choose your C: drive in the dialog box. Next, you click the Configure button and choose the Turn on system protection option.
System Protection is turned off by default in Windows 10 but you can turn it on by yourself.

3. Customize the Windows 10 Start menu

The Start menu is back in Windows 10 and you customize it so that you can easily manage how information will displayed. You can resize the Start menu or group your live tiles. You can add, rearrange, and resize live tiles, too.

4. Turn on Energy Saver mode in Windows 10

You can turn on Energy Saver mode to improve your Windows 10 laptop’s battery life. To do it, you get into the Power Options window and select one of the power plan. Then you click on Change plan settings link of that particular plan. Next, you select the Change advanced power settings link, click on Energy Saver Settings option and choose Energy Saver on user away.


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