The Mail application that we saw in Windows 10, which was first time introduced in Windows 8, has been redesigned with a more professional interface and more features. Like the available Mail applications in Windows 10 from the third –party, “Mail App” also supports email accounts from the other webmail services, for example Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Even though almost users satisfy when using Mail App in Windows 10, some users are having problems with Mail App and synchronous Mail problems is a typical issue.

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
Mail App in Windows 10

In this article, we would like to provide some methods to solve this. 

Method 1: Running debugger for Windows 10.

“Troubleshooter” is a debugger designed to troubleshoot and fix the problems with the app store on Windows 10. Therefore, let’s use the “Apps Troubleshooter” in Store Windows 10 before continuing to use the other methods.

Click here to download “Apps Troubleshooter”:

Then run it and follow the instructions in the application steps for troubleshooting. 

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
“Troubleshooter” is a common debugger

If you are lucky, your problem will be solved. If not, please apply the following method.

Method 2: Install the synchronous mode.

Check the synchronous settings for “Mail App” to check if it has been configured correctly or not? If the Mail applications have not synchronized new email or new email content for one month, it may be due to the synching configuration settings. Here is how to open and change the “Mail App” synchronization.

Firstly, open “Mail App” > Click to choose Settings > Choose Accounts.

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
Settings > Choose Accounts.

Then choose the account which is having synchronous problems.

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
Choose the account which is having synchronous problems.

Click on “Change mailbox sync settings“.

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
“Change mailbox sync settings“

Below the “Download new content”, click “as items arrive” or “every 15 minutes” from expansive box. To continue, under the “Download email from”, select either “last month” or “any time”. Make sure that, under the “Sync Options” (as you can see in the screenshot below), Email and Calendar mode is turned on.

Solving Mail –app Synchronous problems
Live Sync Settings

Then close the “Mail App” and restart “Mail App” again.
These are two methods to solve “Mail app” synchronous problems in Windows 10.  If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving your comments in the box below. We are glad to see your feedback! Thank you!


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