Since it has been upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has removed the QR code scanning feature, which is built into the operating system (Bing Vision).
That is why many of you do not know how to scan QR code or barcode. Never mind, you can use the applications from the third-party. The first one that i would like to introduce here is 
QR Code Reader. By downloading QR Code Reader application, you will have the scanning features with high speed even further than Bing Vision. After the application is install, all you have to do is point the camera toward QR code, then the content code will appear immediately. Even if when you are making the camera frame to the right order, the contents have been noted already. In some cases, if the QR codes contain web links , the browser will run automatically when you touch the line of new content that has appeared.

scan QR code on Windows 10
Hold and scan quickly

This app is completely free, use this link to download:

You can also use another application:  QR Scanner RS. QR Scanner RS seems to be one of the better free ones on the market. It’s fast, and it has some features on board including letting you pick your search provider and modify a few camera settings too. 

scan QR code on Windows 10
QR Scanner RS

The app is not too prolix, it has zero ads, launches quickly. If you are looking to scan QR codes for Windows Store apps or basic barcodes for products, QR Scanner RS is a good choice. You can feel a little bi uncomfortable because there is a casual nag to rate the app in the Store, but in my opinion, I can’t fault an application for that because these apps live or die depends much on your votes and reviews.

QR Scanner RS is available Windows 10 Mobile devices, click here to download: 

These are some common ways to scan QR code on Windows 10 while it is not available in the operate system. If you have any questions, please let us know! Thank you!

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