Like every Windows versions of Microsoft, with Windows 10, users still have to do 3 steps to shut down the computer, but you may not need to take these steps. Similar to previous versions of Window, Start button is the way leads to the applications. When you want to shutdown, you have to take steps: Click button Start- > powers- > shutdown. Also there are some users have the habit of pressing Alt + F4 to access the options windows quickly. In this article I will share with you a trick on Windows 10.

Shut down your computer quickly in Windows 10
Windows 10 Auto Shutdown

Tips on Windows 10 to turn computer off quickly without 3 steps.
Shutdown with the power button

For some computers, you absolutely can use Windows 10 tips on default settings when pressing the power button then your computer taken into a state of sleep . However, you can also set the computer turn off after pressing the power button .To do this, you click mouse button in the Search box, then you enter keywords Power– > the result comes up, you choose Power Options-> In the list options,choose What the power buttons do. The main interface has been changed, click on the drop down menu of the property When I press the power button and select Shutdown.

Shut down your computer quickly in Windows 10
Setting in System Settings
If you’re using a laptop, Choose what the power buttons will have two separate items are Plugged In and Battery. Two entries correspond with the settings for the power button battery or connect using power. After completing the settings, remember to click save changes to complete the setup.

Create desktop shortcut
If you do not like to click the Start button when you shut down your computer, then you can create a shortcut on the desktop as in the start.
Right-click on the desktop screen-> New-> Shortcut, the box appears, copy this code: % windir% System32 shutdown.exe / s / t 0 to the frame of the item Type the location.
Then click Next to complete the installation and now you can drag the icon anywhere you like and click on that icon to turn off quickly

Good luck!


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