As you know, since Windows Phone 8.1, we can Interop Unlock devices to intervene more deeply into the system, edit the registry and change some default settings. With Windows 10 Mobile, the same thing absolutely can be done. 

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile is even easier because we do not need a memory card as on WP 8.1. After Interop Unlock is finished, users can edit the registry to make changes to the default settings of the system, as well as many other interesting tricks .

1. How to Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile?

If you have done this on WP 8.1 before, then you can find that with Windows 10, it is not too different.

 Download SDK Lite 8.1 and install: WPSDK 8.x Lite.
• Download tool to deploy XAP: TR Power Tools.
• Enable the status for developers in Settings> Update & Recovery
• Download Root Tool and deploy applications in the computer.
• Open the Root Tool and select from menu: Lumia Registry Editor
• Click 3 dots at the lower right corner and select template -> Interop / Capability Unlock -> Apply.
• Restart the device then you have Interop Unlock successfully.

2. Some tips after Interop Unlock

To be able to edit the registry system, you download the application CustomPFD: registry editor + tweaks and deploy into the machine.

Note: Before you edit the registry, you should save the old values ​​ in case you want to return to the default.

Enable virtual navigation bar for unsupported devices:

• Open CustomPDF and choose Tweak Page.
• Choose General Tweak.
• Slide the slider to the right in ENABLE NAVIGATION BAR to activate the virtual navigation bar. Furthermore, you can also choose size for the navigation bar using two options below.
• Restart the device to see the changes.

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile

Change latency for touch operation:
Open the application CustomPDF and then select Tree Page
Go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) SOFTWARE Microsoft Shell Custom HoldDelays
Below is a list of the registries that you can edit
If we change the value too low, this will cause touch operation like keeping operation.

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile

Turn your device into the Lumia 1520 to use the advanced features

Open CustomPDF -> Registry Tree
Find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Platform DeviceTargeting Info PhoneManufacturerModelName , change the VALUE into RM – 937, press WRITE and restart .

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile

Interop Unlock Windows 10 Mobile
Lumia 830 when turned into 1520.
The new procedures will be updated usually in the future. We hope to receive the contributions and sharings from you on this topic. Leave your comments below!
Good luck!

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