Windows 10 has brought us many useful features in both PCs and WindowsPhone.
A new way to personalize you Windows Phone is change your color theme. Well, there is one more effective way to make your phone look different – make Live Tile transparent. With this new interface, your phone looks like the screen of a PC.

Live Tile transparent for Windows 10 mobiles
Transparent screen looks so  pleasant and impressive

This looks fresh and brings us a pleasant feeling, so how to make this?
To make Live Tile transparent, you follow these steps:

1.All Settings > Personalization > Start

Live Tile transparent for Windows 10 mobiles
Change the Tile Transparency to 0

2. Customize “Tile transparency”, the borders will disappear when the Tile Transparecy is 0.

3. 3. Press ‘Start’ to back to home screen and enjoy it!

If you want to come back with the borders, customize the Tile transparency again. 

make Live Tile transparent for Windows 10 mobiles
Make Tile Transparency full to bring borders back

Well, it’s time to own your personalized phone now! Try and enjoy it!


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