Microsoft is expected to offer new enterprise-focused features to business users of Windows 10 later in the year. The company said in a statement announcing its intentions, “As part of delivering Windows 10 as a service, enterprise customers can expect ongoing feature innovations that will keep them up-to-date with the latest technology and ongoing security updates for a secure experience they can trust,” Microsoft said in a statement.”

Before these additional, more business-appealing features reach general availability, they will debut for Windows Insider subscribers next month. Therefore, only users who are signed up to the Windows Insider program will be the first ones to access them. With the features that are designed with the enterprise market in mind, tech giant Microsoft hopes to attract more businesses to download and install insider builds of Windows 10.
enterprise features in windows 10
Microsoft is ready to update Windows 10 with three new features for enterprises, including Windows Store for Business, Microsoft Passport for enterprise and Enterprise Data Protection.

The first business feature that enterprises can experience is Microsoft’s Windows Store for Business. It is a unified Windows Store that lets authorized employees purchase either business apps owned by the enterprise or third-party apps. The feature also allows admins to purchase applications for their organizations in bulk.

The second feature that wasn’t included in the initial release is Microsoft Passport for enterprise. The software lets admins log into servers, websites and applications without the need for a traditional password.

The last feature that will be offered to business users of Windows 10 is Enterprise Data Protection (EDP). This system offers personal and corporate data protection by letting the data stored on devices be encrypted and making it only accessible to privileged apps. Besides, the new feature is helpful because it allows enterprise data to be wiped remotely without affecting personal data of any user.

As the fourth-most-popular desktop operating system in the world with 75 million devices already running Windows 10 in 192 countries, it’s a good time for enterprise customers to consider Microsoft’s newest software.

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