Windows 10, which was officially launched by tech giant Microsoft on July 29, is a huge improvement over its predecessors Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. With this latest operating system, the Start menu, one of the most requested features, returns. Now, you can access almost everything you want right from there, making your computing life easier. However, do you know how to customize the Start menu so that you can easily manage how information will displayed? If not, let us help you do that.

1. Add apps to the Start menu

Adding an app to the Start menu is really simple. All you need to do is finding the app you want to add, right-click on it and choose Pin to Start. The icon of the app that is pinned to the Start menu is called a tile.

2. Arrange tiles

You can move the tiles around to arrange them on the right side of the Start menu. Just click and hold on the tile you want to move and drag it. Then leave the tile on the area where you wish to see it and it’ll be left there.

Besides, you can arrange tiles into groups that can be renamed into categories. Just click-and-hold a tile and move it to the end or top of the Start menu. Leave it there and a new group will be created with the tile inside.

3. Remove tiles

It is easy for you to remove tiles from the Start menu. You just need to right-click on the tile you want to remove and click on “Unpin from Start”.

customise windows 10 start menu
You can click on “Unpin from Start” to remove a tile from the Windows 10 Start menu.

4. Turn off live tiles

News and other such information can be viewed in real-time with images, which seem a bit distracting. To turn off them, you right-click on the tile and choose “Turn live tile off”. Now you just see the name of the tile.

5. Resize the whole Start menu

With Windows 10, you can easily resize the Start menu by moving the mouse to the edge of the Start menu and left-click. Now you can move it and resize the Start Menu to the size you want.


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