Windows 10 was officially published on 29/7/2015. This new operation system is a hot topic for many discussions of technology lovers.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 build 10240 version is the final version, known as RTM (Release to Manufacturing). Compared to the previous versions, this version has a lot of useful changes, as well as many interesting features that provided the user a more convenient OS.

What’s special on Windows 10?

1. New web browser:
Instead of Internet Explorer, in Windows 10 Final MS, Microsoft has provided a new browser called Microsoft Edge. 

Should we choose Windows 10 for our PCs?

We can see some advantages and disadvantages of this new browser like this:


· Microsoft Edge is light and runs quickly.

· Turning on/off Flash player easily and fast.

· Skimming web faster than Internet Explorer


· Unstable and some font errors still appear in some pages.

· Hasn’t supported addon – plugin

2. Beautiful log in interface

Should we choose Windows 10 for our PCs?
Beautiful log in interface

One good point of Windows 10 is the beautiful log in interface. This is an interesting and suitable change.

3. Provide more keyboard shortcuts

1. Windows + A : Display Action Center

2. Windows + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop and switch to it.

3. Windows + Ctrl + F4: Close the current virtual desktop.

4. Windows + S or Q: Open Cortana or Search box.

5. Windows + G : Open Game Bar to record game

6. Windows + Tab :Open the new Task View interface,

7. Windows Key + Ctrl + Left / Right – Switch to the virtual desktop on the left or right without using Task view.

8. Windows + Left/Right/Up/Down Arrows: Work with multiple windows displayed at 4 corners of the screen.

9. Ctrl + Page Up / Page Down – Moves one page up or down in the Command Prompt’s history.

10. Ctrl + Up / Down – Moves one line up or down in the Command Prompt’s history — it’s like using the scroll bar.

11. Ctrl + M – Enter “mark mode,” which helps for selecting text. Previously, the only way to do this was by right-clicking in the Command Prompt and selecting Mark. Thanks to the new Shift key shortcuts, this mode is no longer as important.

12. Ctrl + F – Opens a Find dialog for searching the Command Prompt’s output.

13. Alt + F4 – Closes the Command Prompt window.

4. Improvements in many apps.

Apps as Groove Music, Photos, Movies & TV, and Maps also have many improvements in the interface and features.

• Groove Music: The song and the artists you like will be updated frequently, but you can create your own playlists to listen.

Should we choose Windows 10 for our PCs?
Groove Music

• Movies & TV: You can easily watch movies or television programs with your own collection….

• Photos: Designed in the nicer window form, sort images by collection, by date… smarter and editing is also improved to be better. This is a plus for Windows 10 compared with the previous version of Windows 8.1.

• Maps: This is a great application, which is the perfect combination between “Bing Maps” and “Here Maps”. The standout feature is that you can mark the location, pin location to the Start screen for quick access. In addition, it also supports directions and maps offline features. You can share your location through OneNote & Email very flexibly.

Should we choose Windows 10 for our PCs?

Do you have the same feeling with me that Windows 10 is a perfect combination of classic Win (XP, 7) and modern Win (Windows 8.1), it builds the friendliness to users. But we still found a lot of errors. You can see on many technology forums, lots of users complain about many different errors that they had while using Windows 10. So i think that we should choose using Windows 10 as an experience and wait for Microsoft to fix errors. You can also follow our tutorials articles to fix some errors you may have.

Instead of replace the old OS, install Windows while running the current OS, or intall Windows 10 with virtualbox to experience is not a bad choice.

In conclusion, Windows 10 RTM is an interesting operation system for us to try and experience.


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