Windows 10 supports you to set slideshow for both lock screen and desktop background.

Windows 10 slideshow
Windows 10 slideshow

To set slideshow for Lock screen, follow these below steps:
1. Press Windows Key + I key.
2. Click on Personalization.
3. Click on Lock screen.
4. Under Background dropdown, select slideshow.
5. Click on Advanced slideshow settings.
6. Set Include camera roll folders from this PC and OneDrive to ON.

Windows 10 Lock screen slideshow
Set slideshow for Lock screen in Windows 10

This way you can choose a set of photos from your camera roll folders or from OneDrive. Or you can select specific photos by clicking in Add a folder

To set slideshow for Desktop background, follow these below steps:

1. Press Windows Key + I key.
2. Click on Personalization.
3. Click on Background .
4. Under Background dropdown, select slideshow.
5. Then choose albums for your slideshow -> click Browse
6. Done!

slideshow background in Windows 10
Set slideshow for Background in Windows 10

Hope it helps. Do let us know if your issue is resolved. For any further information, feel free to contact us.


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