As we have announced before, Windows 10 Mobile can support to run Android apps. Until now, there are 11 devices are supported to play an Android application.

Windows 10 Mobile iOS Android
Windows 10 Mobile can support for both iOS and Android apps in the future

Let look at the supported devices below to check if your phone is compatible with Android apps or not.

Android on Windows 10 – List of supported devices:

1. Nokia Lumia 920
2. Nokia Lumia 925
3. Nokia Lumia 929 / Verizon Icon
4. Nokia Lumia 830
5. Nokia Lumia 930
6. Nokia Lumia 1520
7. Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
8. Nokia Lumia 730
9. Nokia Lumia 820
10. Nokia Lumia 435
11. Nokia Lumia 928

    How to install the Android APK file on Windows 10 Mobile?
    Follow these step then you can enjoy everything in Google Play.

    1. Download Android SDK’s ADB and wconnect tool from here.
    <Due to copyright claim, we’ve removed the link, you can search Google for “How to run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile”>
    2. Extract the files in the folder and Open the folder wconnect,then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe
    3. Open the Windows 10 Mobile’s Settings page ->Update & Security > For Developers and enable Developers Mode, as well as Device Discovery
    4. Open the extracted wconnect folder, open an elevated command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here)
    5. Then you’ll need to connect to the phone — (USB method is recommended):
    To Connect using USB, type wconnect.exe usb and hit enter
    6. Then it’ll ask for the pairing code, enter the code and hit enter
    7. Then navigate to the extracted adb folder and open an elevated command prompt
    8. To make sure that your device is connected, type adb devices and hit enter to show the list of devices that are connected
    9. Lastly, place the APK file that you want to install on the same directory (adb folder) and type in adb install APKNAME.apk (replace APKNAME with the APK file’s name)
    10. That’s it, then you can install the APKs.

      Android apps running on Windows 10 Mobile may not be stable now, so be patient as Microsoft is doing their best to make it more better.

      Please give your feedback so we can improve our quality.

      If you have any problem with your phone, please download our powerful tool for Windows 10, then all issue are fixed!

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