Gadget is an available feature in Windows 7, it displays clock, calendar, note, weather and many other interesting gadgets on Desktop. However, since Windows 8, it’s hard to understand why Microsoft has rejected this useful function. If you wish to bring Gadget back to Windows 10, you still can do this by using Gadgetarian.

What is Gadgetarian?

Gadgetarian is software which helps us to active Gadget on Desktop of Windows 10 with the similar usage as in Windows 7. A lot of useful themes, icons are also provided for us to download.

It allows you to have a have a comfortable environment to work, allow you to use any gadget that you like.

You can have your gadgets collection back even when you decide to leave Windows 7 and upgrade to Windows 8 or 10. It’s easy to install. You just have to run the Installation and follow the steps on screen.

One good point is you even don’t need to restart to enable the changes. When Gadgetarian has been installed, all you have to do is right-click on Desktop and select it.

To download Gadgetarian, click here.
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