An interesting feature that Microsoft provides the users is Cortana. Well, you can imagine you are a boss and Cortana is the name of your assistant. Cortana is an assistant just for Windows with the function likes Siri on IOs or Google Now on Android. You only have to tell Cortana what you need by your voice, Cortana will do it in a quick and easy way. Cortana will learn your routines in using computer, the places that you often visit, your acquaintances, even your current locations to provide the best information in different cases. This feature of Cortana in Windows 10 is pretty similar to Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1.

The personal assistant for your PC with Windows 10
You can ask Cortana anything

However, one shortcoming is that Cortana has been only able to understand some languages such as: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

How to call this assistant? There are two ways to call Cortana.
Press Windows + C or say “Hey, Cortana”. To active this function, let’s click on text area of Cortana, then the control box will appear. Click Notebook icon > Settings > ‘Hey, Cortana’ and choose ‘On’. You can turn off this function to save power. But in this case, if you want to call Cortana, you have to use Windows + C

Teach Cortana just listen to you. If you worry about the security because everyone can say “Hey, Cortana” and then it appears you can follow this step to make Cortana just listen to you: Notebook icon > Settings, below tab ‘Respond best’, click ‘Just me’. Afterthat you can teach Cortana an easy tutorial to make it realize your voice.

You can say lots of thing to Cortana, even the stuffs. For example,when you say ” I Love You”, Cortana will reply humorously : “I bet you say that to many other phones.” And if you say “Sing me a song “, Cortana will sing you a short song. You can also asked questions as “How old is Bruno Mars?” or “What is the population of America? “, then Cortana will search information online and then reply you by voice.Another function is helping you to set an alarm, remind appointments, set calendar, events…

The personal assistant for your PC with Windows 10
Some useful functions of this assistant

Thanks to Cortana, you can also search your contacts, bookmarks and web pages and other content, but you need to remember clicking on the words “Find My Stuff “. You can imagine Cortana like a hub, if you need information, ask and you will get answers.

Limitations of the current version: Current Cortana in Windows 10 is still incomplete and not sufficient as that one on Windows Phone 8.1. For examples, we still cannot set the alarm, cannot detect the songs. In addition, as Microsoft has announced, Cortana might not work or run less stable in some certain situations. Let’s wait and see how Microsoft makes this personal assistant better in the future.


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