Windows 10 launched with many improvements. The aim of these improvements is to make life better and easier. Many of them were introduced but some of them you have to spend time to study.
We, Windows 10 Insiders, will always bring to you the most useful features as well as tips & tricks of Windows 10.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcut
Windows 10 has many news must-know keyboard shortcuts

In this post, we’re introducing the 16 new keyboard shortcuts which are very useful to boost up your productivity.

New keyboard shortcuts introduced in Windows 10
The new operating system from Microsoft has also included a series of new keyboard shortcuts to facilitate work in the day to day of all those accustomed to using the computer keyboard,depending on the least possible use of mouse.
These new shortcuts are:
  • Windows + A -> Open the activity center.
  • Windows + S -> Open the browser.
  • Windows + Q -> Open Cortana if we have activated ready to write.
  • Windows + C -> Open Cortana listening mode to start dictation.
  • Windows + I -> Open the Windows 10 settings.
  • Windows + G -> Open the new game menu while you are running one to record the game or take snapshots.
  • Windows + H -> Open menu to share.
  • Windows + Tab -> Opens the Task Manager.
  • Windows + Ctrl + D -> Create a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Right Arrow -> Changes to the virtual desktop to the right.
  • Ctrl + Windows + Left Arrow -> Changes to the virtual desktop to the left.
  • Windows + Ctrl + F4 -> Closes the virtual desktop you are currently using.
  • Windows + Left Arrow -> Adjust and place the window where you are on the left side of the screen.
  • Windows + Right Arrow -> Adjust and place the window where you are on the right side of the screen.
  • Windows + Up Arrow -> Adjust and place the window in which you are at the top of the screen.
  • Windows + Down Arrow -> Adjust and place the window in which you are at the bottom of the screen.
An here are the most conventional keyboard shortcuts which are still being used in Windows 10.

  • Ctrl + C -> Copy an item to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + X -> Cut an item and place it in the clipboard.
  • Ctrl + V -> paste the item we have in the Clipboard.
  • Ctrl + Z -> Undo an action.
  • Alt + Tab -> Switching between open applications.
  • Alt + F4 -> Close an item or open application.
  • Windows + L -> Lock session and display the window switch user.
  • Windows + D -> Show your desktop or return to applications.
Is there any useful keyboard we missed? Let share it!

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