With development on the desktop version of Microsoft’s OS winding down, interest in the mobile version is up. Windows 10 Mobile build 10158 has just been confirmed to be in existence.

windows 10 mobile build 10158 screenshot
Windows 10 Mobile Build 10158 screenshot

This latest preview build of the mobile operating system apparently comes with an array of new options.

A small array, but still.

For starters, as reported, the most notable new addition to the platform is the ability to set video recording at 120fps, though the resolution is limited to 728 x 576 pixels here — an odd choice but that is bound to change as the hardware advances.

windows 10 mobile build 10158 Selects the best settings for a perfect shot
Selects the best settings for a perfect shot

We have known for a while that Windows 10 Mobile will come with slow motion 120fps video recording, and this is but a confirmation.

Wallet has also been updated to include the ability to add reward, loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes. That about rounds up the new features in this version of the preview, but there are several other small touches here and there, many of which have already been reported.

As in, things like transparency effect on the Microsoft Edge and Window Store tiles, and new animation for the People live tile.

Another small change can be found in the pull down menu, as the volume slider is now more rounded than in previous builds of Windows 10 Mobile.

All well and good, but what we now await is when (or if) Microsoft will roll out this build to Windows Insiders for deployment. The company has obviously distributed it among partners for testing, and the software titan may well debut this for the public in the coming days.

Now, do you want to download this one & enjoy those cool features?


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