Windows 10 Build 10162 released officially and we here we have ISO files for download, both for x84 and x64.

Windows 10 Build 10162 has been fixed many bugs in the previous version. And we can say that this maybe the last Insider Preview of Windows 10. Next release maybe the official RTM Windows 10 as the Windows 10 release date is the end of July.

OK. Let take a look at the screenshot of this build 10162, this image is from one of our Insiders

Windows 10 build 10162 ISO file download
Windows 10 build 10162 screenshot

Now, we have the direct download link from Mircosoft for these ISO files, just choose your x86 or x64 version and click the download link. When the download is complete, transfer the ISO file to installation media such as a USB flash drive or DVD. Boot your PC from the installation media, and then follow the steps to perform a clean install.

Download Windows 10 build 10162 ISO x86
Download Windows 10 build 10162 ISO x64
<Due to copyright claim, we’ve removed the link, you can search Google for “Windows 10 Build 10162 ISO file download”>


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