After update to Windows 10 or install a new build, the default screen resolution on Windows 10 is at a medium value. That’s the reason why the display of Windows 10 is always ugly at the first look. To make use all the advantages of Windows 10 UI (user interface), the first thing you have to do is to change the display resolution.

Windows 10 resolution
There are many resolutions: SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 8K

Follow the instruction below, step-by-step, to make your Windows 10 display more beautiful.
Note: In the demonstration below, we did it on Windows 10 build 10162, the latest build at the moment. For other builds & even the official RTM release, they are same.

1. Right-click at the desktop background, select Display settings
Or type Display settings in the search box in the task bar, select it and the settings window appears like this

change resolution windows 10 build 10162
“Customize your display” window

2. Scroll down & click “Advanced display settings“, this will bring you to the settings window which will help you customize the Windows display resolution.

Windows 10 Choose your prefer display resolution
Choose your prefer display resolution

As you can see in the Customize your display window, there is a list of resolution values here. By default, 1024×768 is the recommended resolution of Windows 10 for your screen but it may not your highest resolution your PC can support. We recommend you to choose the highest value to make your display the best. Here we choose 1360×768 as it’s the highest value in our test PC.
If your PC has a Graphics Card, it’s great, because you can choose the most optimal resolution for your Windows 10.

3. After select the resolution you want and click Apply, a dialog appears ask you to keep this settings change or not. Choose Keep changes to apply the new resolution or Revert to keep the old resolution as you don’t want to change it.

Keep this resolution change on your computer

Now, everything is done. Enjoy the new look of Windows 10!


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