Recently, I’ve received some feedback from Windows 10 for phones users that they cannot connect to the wifi after upgrade their Windows phone to Windows 10 Mobile.

How to fix wifi connection issue on Windows 10 Mobile?
How to fix wifi connection issue on Windows 10 Mobile?

Fortunately, we now have collected many solutions that work for this wifi problem.
The first thing is you have to make sure your modem & router work correctly. Reset your modem and router to make sure they are working OK.
Then check your wifi settings to make sure the right password is entered and it’s setup correctly.
Check to see if you can connect now. If not, give the hard reset a try (long press the power button & then slide down to restart your device).

If the above methods do not work, try remove the SIM card & reset you phone, then check your wifi connection again.
Another methods is to enable Mobile hotspot & then disable it & re-connect to wifi access point.

Still not connect to wifi? OK, this is the final solution & it always work well.
Go to Settings -> System -> About -> scroll down, tap Reset your phone
Your phone will be reset to a fresh Windows 10. Don’t worry, you can recover all your data & settings via backup feature in Windows 10 Mobile.

If you still have confuse, feel free to let us know.


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