A latest internal build of Windows 10 is out in the wild. Build 10154 sees Microsoft focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements, not new features as it moves toward RTM and finalizing the launch version.

Windows 10 build 10154 is comming!

Among the fixes are improvements to the Edge browser, how upgrades from Windows 7 are handled, tidying up some bugs in Device Manager,  and presumably many more under the hood.

As for performance improvements, those will be hard to judge, but Microsoft will be looking to minimize boot and app switching times for a smoother experience. It could also be tidying up effects to have most user impact, with minimal system impact.

Someone kindly leaked the update list on Twitter, so you can read for yourself what the details of the latest fixes are:

These bug fix on Windows 10 build 10154 from its release note
These bug fix on Windows 10 build 10154 from its release note

These bug fix on Windows 10 build 10154 from its release note

However, build 10154 also has a range of pre-existing known issues, along with a whole bunch of new ones exclusive to this build. Some of these issues include:

  • After a device upgrade, synchronization with many files and folders may cause problems with OneDrive
  • If you fail to connect to a wireless network, you cannot navigate using the keyboard
  • A crash occurs if you create a new Outlook message while JAWS is running

Many of the new issues that have popped up in 10154 are related to the Narrator feature in the OS, which apparently needs a bit more work before it’s ready for launch.
Mirosoft doesn’t have long now until it has to declare and release an RTM version to partners, with the launch just weeks away on July 29. The compressed schedule is a sign of the times as delivering updates becomes critical.
For example, Windows 8 went to RTM on 1 August 2012, but the code didn’t release until 26 October, giving vendors months to test it out.
This time, all the testing is being done of the go, with the public and hardware vendors more deeply involved in bug reporting. Hopefully that should mean a better, more stable product at launch, but there will still be many people unwilling to upgrade on day one.
You can check out the release notes in the gallery, or via the source link below.
Source: WZor

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