Finally, Microsoft has official released Windows 10 Build 10136. You can update it via Windows Update in the Settings or download Windows 10 Build 10136 ISO file for fast install.
So, what’s new on this official release?
First is the improvement of the icons. Windows 10 build 10136 refines the icons in the OS. You can take a look at these screenshots from Windows 10 build 10136 below:

download Windows 10 Build 10136 ISO file
You can download Windows 10 build 10136 ISO file from now
Windows 10 build 10136 taskbar icon

As you can see in the screenshot, there’re some icons which are different from the previous version, Windows 10 build 10135.

Look at the change in the File Explorer icon below.

It has been redesigned in a way that might disappoint some users out there, as the multiple tab design at the top of the icon has been removed, and it shows a single tab. A subtle hint that support for tabs is not going to be added to File Explorer, perhaps?

File Explorer Icon Zoomed

Another small refresh is the small arrow on the right that provides access to all minimized icons in the tray. This has been given a more modern look, in line with the rest of the OS, and looks rather good.

There is a cool feature on build 10136 is that you can run even the Microsoft Word 95. Just look at the below picture:
Windows 10 Build 10136 is compatible with Word 95
Very cool hah? There’re many more cool features & apps you can discover in this build & I guess you will like it very much 🙂
So, what are you waiting for? Download Windows 10 Build 10136 ISO file now!

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