The installation ISO file of Windows 10 build 10134 for PC was leaked on Microsoft’s servers and now you can download this ISO file to experience. This builds has many changes on the feature as well as bug fix for Windows 10 Pro Build 10130.

Windows 10 build 10134 ISO download file screenshot
Windows 10 build 10134 desktop screenshot

Especially, build 10134 now reduce the installation time. This change helps very much for Windows 10 users every time they want to update a new build of Windows 10. It is unclear when Microsoft will officially release the build 10134 (or the newer version) to users, probably next week. While waiting for that, now you can download the ISO file to install the new Windows 10 build 10134 .

ISO download link:
Windows 10 build 10134 ISO download x64 (64 bit version)


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