When using Appplication Update on Windows 10 Mobile, you may see this error 0x80070057. This is the known error on Windows 10 Mobile & here we have the solution for it.

How to fix Error 0x80070057 on Windows 10 Mobile
How to fix Error 0x80070057 on Windows 10 Mobile?
First, please see the detail of this error, feedback from one of our Insiders.
I just wanted to update Whatsapp and get an error message. The error code is 0x80070057. Now, the whole app doesn’t work anymore. The livetile has an “!” at the top right corner. The app won’t start and I can’t uninstall it.
If you also have this error, please see how to fix it below. The solution is from our Windows 10 expert.
I understand that you receive an error when you try to update WhatsApp. 
I would suggest you to refer the below article and perform a soft reset and check if it helps. 
How to soft- and hard reset your Windows 10 for Phones. Hope the information helps. Let us know if you need further assistance. We will be happy to help.
How to soft- and hard reset your Windows 10 Mobile

Soft Reset
The soft reset is the same thing as pulling your battery (on devices where that is possible). This method will not remove anything at all from your phone and is completely safe to attempt in any problem situation.
You perform the soft reset by having your phone turned on. Then press and hold the volume down + power buttons until your phone vibrates and restarts. Note that you should not touch the device screen during the process (not even when the ‘slide down to power off’ prompt appears).
Example of situations where the soft reset should solve the problem:
  • An app that usually starts won’t start
  • The camera won’t open
  • The device starts using too much battery
  • The device starts behaving oddly
Hard Reset
The hard reset will bring your phone back to factory settings, the same state as when the device was first turned on. All apps, messages, media, personal settings, etc will be removed from the phone. If backup is turned on under Settings, you can restore your apps and settings after performing a hard reset (as long as you initialize the phone with the same Microsoft Account). Note that resetting your device will not remove any OS or firmware updates. You will remain on the same version of Windows Phone after the reset.
If you can turn on your device you can reset your phone under Settings: Settings > about > reset your phoneThis procedure is described in more detailed in this official how-to article.
For HTC users:
If you can’t open your device because of a forgotten PIN (or similar), you can use the button method: Turn off your phone, press and hold the volume down button and then briefly press the power button to turn the phone on. Keep the volumedown button pressed until an exclamation mark is shown on your screen. Then press the following buttons, one at a time, in this order:
volume up, volume down, power, volume down
The phone will now reset to factory status.
For Nokia Lumia users:
If you can’t open your device because of a forgotten PIN (or similar), you can use the button method: Press and hold thepower-, volume-down- and camera buttons until the phone vibrates. Then release the power-button and keep the other two buttons pressed for another five seconds. The phone should reset to factory settings.
The hard reset operation will take a while to complete and will show spinning gears before it reboots your device to factory settings. Usually it will finish within 30 minutes but can, in some rare cases, take up to a couple of hours. Some Nokia Lumia handsets have a bug where a reset never seems to finish. If that should happen to you, check this wiki articlefor a solution.
Example of situations where the hard reset should be used:
  • The soft reset didn’t solve the problem
  • You want to switch to another Microsoft Account
  • You want to reset a device that you will no longer use (this enables someone else to initialize the device with their own Microsoft Account)
  • You want to restore a backup

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