Windows 10 Build 10061 leaked last week allows update for Microsoft engineers only. Now it’s available for all of Insiders, who are using the Build 10056 leaked or who are running on Build 10049 and choose the Fast ring.

Unlike the last build, you can now change the theme color that updates the entire taskbar or only the search box along with the highlights (including the notification panel). The new Recycle Bin icon is more attractive than before.
It is said that the Word Flow feature, which is very useful, will come in the next build release.

Windows 10 Build 10061 screenshot
Windows 10 Build 10061 screenshot

In this article, there will be many information related to build 10061, for your convenience, we divide it into 5 main part:

1. What’s new in Windows 10 build 10061
2. Known issue on 10061 & how to fix
3. How to update Windows 10 build 10041 & 10049 to 10061
4. Issues while update from build 10056 & the instruction step-by-step to overcome.
5. Build 10061 screenshot picture gallery.
1. What’s new in Windows 10 build 10061
Here are the most valuable improvement in this build:
New Mail and Calendar apps: These new apps bring improved performance and a familiar three-pane email UI, with a toggle to quickly move between your email and calendar. Mail includes customizable Swipe Gestures, letting you swipe right or left to take actions like delete, flag, move or mark as read/unread. Also check out the new email authoring experience. Mail leverages the familiar and rich capability of Word to that allows you to easily insert tables, add pictures and use bullets and color to your text. Both the new Mail and Calendar apps support Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail, IMAP, POP and other popular accounts.

Start, Taskbar, and Action Center improvements: This build introduces the new black system theme across the Start menu, Taskbar, and Action Center. The Start menu and Taskbar now have transparency and you can also resize the Start menu. Microsoft also enabled support for AutoColor which pulls the primary color from your desktop background. In the Settings app under Personalization, you can adjust the color of Start, Taskbar, and Action Center as well as transparency. Check these settings out and let us know what you think. And based on your feedback, Microsoft has have moved the power button to the bottom left from the top right of the Start menu to make it more accessible.
Continuum improvements: The Taskbar is now more optimized for tablets. Entering Tablet Mode causes the Start button, Cortana, and the Task View buttons to all grow in size and space out to be more touchable. Items in the Notification area also widen to improve touchability. Also, pinned and running apps are removed by default to reduce clutter and simplify the experience. Start and Task View remain available for launching and switching. If you still prefer to see apps on your taskbar, there is an option under Tablet Mode in Settings to turn them back on. Window 10 also now offers a setting to boot directly into Tablet Mode. For tablets under 10 inches, this is the default behavior.
Task View improvements: Microsoft made several visual updates to Task View and they also refined the window icons, the close buttons, and the thumbnails. These improvements also apply to Alt+Tab and Snap Assist. Task View gets a new icon on the Taskbar too.
Virtual Desktop improvements: You can create as many Virtual Desktops as you’d like! When you hit the limit of your display, a new overflow experience now lets you access any one of your desktops.

2. Known issue on 10061 & how to fix
Because this is a non-tested version for Insiders who choose Fast ring only, there are some bugs & issues that you shall notice. We list 8 known issues here & also give each a solution to workaround.
1. There is a bug with this build in which Win32 (desktop) apps won’t launch from the Start menu. Solution: Use search to find and launch these apps and pin them to your taskbar for quick access.
2. The Windows Store Beta (grey tile) and Project Spartan get unpinned after upgrading.
Workaround: Re-pin them to your Taskbar from All apps on your Start menu.
3. Issues with Mail and Calendar apps (version 17.4008.42281.0): every letter you type will appear twice. 
Solution: We have fixed this issue with updated versions of the apps (17.4016.42291.0) available in the Windows Store Beta (grey tile). If you don’t open the Mail and Calendar apps within the first 15 minutes after logging in to your device for the first time after upgrading and your device is connected to the Internet, the apps should update automatically. You can also go into the Store Beta and check for updates manually at any time.
4. Cortana will highlight things it will be able to help users with, but some of these features are not yet implemented and we are working to deliver them soon.
Information: There is a known issue where you might see a black screen with only your mouse cursor during login/logout. We have a fix for this coming via WU.
5. Downloading music in the Xbox Music and Music Preview apps is currently broken.
FYI: We also have a fix for this coming via WU.
6. When you minimize an app playing audio, it may stop playing once its minimized.
FYI: No solution until now.
7. In Project Spartan, no selection highlight appears when selecting text in the address box.
How to solve this: Right click in the address box to cut/copy/paste and it will work as expected.
FYI: We also have a fix for this coming via WU.
8. Magnifier does not work when you put it into docked mode.
FYI: We will also have a fix for this coming via WU.

3. How to update Windows 10 build 10041 & 10049 to 10061
Until now, you’ve known how great features of the new build Windows 10, you also know the problems may come & the solution to overcome. If you are still interested in this release, here are the instruction step-by-step on how to update to Windows 10 build 10061. You can update from Windows 10 build 10041 or 10049 with the Fast ring chosen.

1. Click on the search box in the taskbar and type Windows Update
2. Chose ‘Windows Update from the list
3. In the left panel click ‘Windows Update‘ if it is not already selected
4. Click on the ‘Check‘ now.
5. Download the new build
After the build downloads, your machine will begin to install 10061.

4. Issues while update from build 10056 & the instruction step-by-step to overcome.
If you’re using Windows 10 build 10056 and get stuck while updating to 10061, please read the instruction below:
From build 10056 only seeing 10066 as an option, open the Registry Editor by pressing Start > type Regedit > then hit the Enter key, and select UAC prompt Yes.
  • Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsSelfHostApplicability
  • Change: BranchName to fbl_impressive
  • Change: ThresholdRiskLevel to low
  • Change: Ring to WIF
  • Change: (DWORD) ThresholdOptedin to 00000001
  • Change: ThersholdInternal to 0
The above keys may be set this way already.
Then open Command Prompt as Administrator (Start menu > type cmd > right click > Run as Administrator) and type the following, wait until each process completes before moving to the next step:
  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits
  • net start bits
  • net start wuauserv
Then go to Windows Update and check for updates, you may have to ‘Retry’ as it could fail the first time. If this does not work and you needed to make registry edits, restart your PC and try the above net stop/start command process again.
If this still fails you may have to rollback to build 10041 – you can grab the official x86 and x64 ISOs here, which will then require a clean install of build 10041, and upgrade to 10061 via the Fast Ring.
5. Build 10061 screenshot picture gallery.


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