A new build number 10056 of Windows 10 Technical Preview for PC has been leaked. The most significant change in this build focuses on the experience with touch screen. When the tablet mode is enabled, the taskbar at the bottom of the screen will be hidden and the user will be moved to a new interface which has only Start screen, virtual desktop and Cortana. Of course, you can still use the touch manipulation such as swiping from the left to view an app running recently, swiping from right to present the Action Bar. The applications in tablet mode will automatically expand to the whole screen, and when you switch back to the traditional desktop mode, all the app will be turned back to the window form.
Download Windows 10 build 10056 now!
Download Windows 10 build 10056 now! (Image source: The Verge)
Download the ISO file of Windows 10 for PC build 10056

A few other changes in Windows 10 build 10056:
  • New black theme for the whole system
  • Allow re-sizing Start Menu
  • Transparent mode of the Start Menu can be turned ON or OFF
  • Option to choose color of the OS interface to match the wallpaper
  • New Mail and Calendar apps
  • Cortana has the ability to identify a song
  • Shut down button moves down to the bottom edge of the Start Menu
  • New Recycle Bin Icon

Note: Because this is just a leaked build so there maybe errors. If you want to experience it, you should install on a virtual machine.

Coming soon: Download Windows 10 build 10059 ISO file
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