We have announced the release date of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049. We also guided you how to update to Windows 10 build 10041 and how to fix some common issues also.
Last week, we received many feedback related to the installation of Build 10041 and Build 10049.
We list here 2 major problems and how to resolve them.

Windows 10 error? We fix it!
Windows 10 error? We fix it!

1. Installation progress stops when installing Build 10041
When you try to download Build 10041, the installation progress percentage hangs at an early % and doesn’t seem to progress any further.

Answer from Microsoft Technical Master:

We made some changes to the UI that tracks installation progress, but we’re still refining it.  The percentage displayed in the UI may appear that it’s not moving, even though setup is still making progress in the background.   Please give it time, rather than forcing a reboot.  Slow PCs can take more than two hours to install, and installation times of an hour are not uncommon.
If the installation process is taking longer than it should, please let us know by logging a bug in the Feedback App.

Another comment:

Unless you’ve sort of screwed yourself and decided to run the Win10 Preview on your primary system (in which case you have to do the upgrade install–you have no choice), by far the fastest and easiest method of install is a *clean install.*  Build 9926 I installed clean and it took less than 30 minutes to install–for build 10041 I went the *upgrade* route as I had installed a handful of little programs into 9926 and thought that an upgrade would be very fast, accordingly.  It took two hours to install.  Next time, I will go clean.
So, it’s not just very slow machines that can take some time to install, it’s also dependent on the type of install you choose.  I think everyone is well-advised to do a clean install with each build of the preview.  I won’t be doing another upgrade install until I’m installing the Win10 finalized shipping version as an upgrade to my primary 8.1 partition.

2. Problems with disk space and installation time in builds 10041 and 10049 of Windows 10 Technical Preview


Builds 10041 and 10049 seem to be taking up much more disk space than previous builds.  This has led to the following problems:Attempts to install the latest build may be blocked due to insufficient disk space.The amount of time needed to install the latest builds is taking much longer than previous builds.  Some users are reporting that it is taking hours to install.
Why is this happening, and how much space do I need to free up to install the latest build?

Answer from Microsoft Support Engineer:

We have a bug, which in some cases is causing setup to download all available language packs during the installation of Builds 10041 and 10049.  We believe this is the cause of both of these issues.  It may also result in a few unexpected folders appearing on your desktop or in File Explorer.
If you’re blocked from installing the latest build because you don’t have enough disk space, you’ll want to free up 2.5 GB of space to resolve the issue.If you want to reclaim the extra disk space from the language packs after installing the latest build:     1. Open a command prompt as an administrator     2.Bring up the interface for uninstalling language packs by typing the following command and press Enter:Lpksetup /u     3. Select the language packs you want to uninstall.

We hope that these information are useful for you. If you have found any problem/issue related to Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049 and Build 10041 or any solution of them, feel free to comment below. We appreciate your contribution.
Thank you!

Via Microsoft Windows Technical Support

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