Microsoft seems to be creating some long-term plans now! Some new information about Windows Redstone is here, thanks to unofficial sources, of course.

Windows Redstone, the new Windows Platform

He said the software titan has established a complete calendar of 24 months to reform the Windows platform. Things begin with the release of Windows 10 times this summer, and there is talk of Update 1 for the next operating system.

In addition to this new update scheduled for late 2015, Redmond also reach the release dates for Windows Redstone, the next major update of the platform.

Redstone early information came earlier this month from several sources.

Some wzór new reports, Microsoft filtering famous Russian data, the company now wants to delay the launch of Redstone October 2016.

While previous rumors have suggested updating Redstone launch in two phases, one in June or July and another in October of next year, there is a chance that Redmond was installed with the date of October 2016 for this particular update.

And before that, we will be treated to Windows 10 or Windows 10 Update 1 Update of autumn as some prefer to call it.

A key point to note here is that the insider windows live program after the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system this summer. And the company plans to use this directly obtain feedback from users of the new updates that are now coming to light.


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