page just posted some screenshots of the Windows Phone 10 for a new one. In the picture we see the new multitasking interface with 4 app appear simultaneously, new messaging applications, the ability to move the keyboard (for computer monitors to phablet), in addition to the application Outlook new area with many editing tools, powerful format similar to Word.

Windows 10 for Lumia is coming
Windows 10 for phones is coming

It is unclear whether the picture above was taken from the build Windows 10 is about to be released in late tomorrow or not. While waiting for the update, we recommend you to check out the photos below.

Windows 10 for Phone screenshots displayWindows 10 for Phone screenshots message

The new multitasking interface and Settings area of ​​the new messaging application

Windows 10 for Phone screenshots date timeWindows 10 for Phone screenshots date time
Date & Time looks better, more universal style

Windows 10 for Phone screenshots keyboardWindows 10 for Phone screenshots message
New message interface with floating keyboard for phablet devices

Outlook application interface is capable of editing, powerful format similar to Word

Windows 10 for Phone screenshots outlookWindows 10 for Phone screenshots outlook
More images of Outlook with powerful editing capabilities, I was amazed because of this

Windows 10 for Phone screenshotsWindows 10 for Phone screenshots
Menu cut, copy, and a new interface to open the file browser app




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