When I updated my PC to Windows 10 build 10041 for Surface Pro 3, I’ve faced a problem with the Outlook 2013. While adding the account in the “Searching for your mail server settings” it asks me for the password and apparently it does not accept the password. But it is the same password I use in the web browser which works perfectly. I am using a @outlook.com account.

Outlook 2013 on Windows 10
Outlook 2013 on Windows 10

How I fix this problem?

Well, it was due to the two step authentication, I was supposed to generate an app password and use it instead of the password which I know.
So I suppose it’s not only Outlook 2013 but any Outlook that is newly installed on Windows 10 build 10041 will stuck with this problem, and not only the Surface Pro 3 also :). The method I found above will work well. Good luck!

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