“Microsoft promised that Windows 10 for phone will be launched for public users in the month of February and Microsoft also updated the Windows application on Windows Phone Insider for their preparation.”

Microsoft gave the world a glimpse of Windows 10 running on their smartphones last month, but the company has not yet released its first public showing of the new operating system, which replaces the Windows Phone operating system independent. Microsoft promised to deliver the first advance in February, but has not committed to a firm date.

Windows 10 for phones will be updated for selected testers
Windows 10 for phones will be updated for selected testers

But the company is now stocking a build of Windows 10 for the phones to a select group of about a thousand testers in various departments of the company. This is supposed to be a final series of internal tests to resolve any last niggling bugs before the preview is released.

We has learned that a building named ‘Windows 10 Technical Overview for phones (8.15.12492.41) “is now available to these testers. Note that the operating system version number increased by 8.10 in Windows Phone 8.1 to 8.15 in the Windows 10 overview, but it is not clear whether this 12492 construction will be exactly the same version as the one released this month.

A fun touch in the updating process for new construction can be found on the familiar screen “Update successful”, which appears when everything is complete. At the same build number, it displays a quote from Seattle Seahawks quarter Russell Wilson; a statement he made after the team lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots on Sunday:

“Every setback has a great return.”

Microsoft has of course suffered many setbacks in its efforts to attract a significant piece of the smartphone market, but after more than four years of effort, its market share remains below 3%. The company will probably in the hope that after so many failures in the past, his comeback in the mobile space may soon start with Windows 10.


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